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tv   Today  NBC  April 20, 2012 2:05am-3:00am PDT

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captions paid for by nbc-universal television hello, everybody! it's thirst day thursday. it's april 19th. we're really, really happy you're with us today. >> yes, we are. >> lot going on in the world. some of it happy, some of it is kind of sad. as every day. >> yesterday afternoon the word came that dick clark who was a real legend in this business died. he was 32 years old. he had a fatal heart attack -- >> 82. >> i meant 82. he's one of those guys who we all remember something about
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him. no matter -- we crossed so many different generations, dick did. >> yeah. he just had an impact. look how clean-cut he was. right? and he was the one that was always introducing -- every parent's worst nightmare, the latest rock 'n' roll star. but to see him standing up there with like kiss and stuff made it almost -- if dick clark says it's okay, then it's okay. he really did impact culture hugely because of it. >> i think it is funny. before dick clark people heard the music but never were able to connect with an artist. i enjoy the music but there's something about watching them do it. >> there is a guy ed sullivan who did it actually even earlier but he brought the kids and the dancing thing. in a sense it was almost the first reality show because you got to know those kids. they even had fans following
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them. >> sure. >> he was just -- he was a very sweet man. i worked for him. had he a huge production company and i worked for him several times. when you worked for dick, you knew you were going to have a good time. you knew you weren't going to get paid a whole lot. if you know what i mean. it was well known in the industry but everybody wanted to work with him. he was loyal, he was visionary. an absolute visionary. >> whenever you think new year's eve, you think dick clark. i don't think that will ever be replicated again either. >> the person who's really following in his footsteps is ryan seacrest. the infamous wedding of kim to kris humphreys, that's the -- i saw ryan to speak to him. i was saying you are our dick clark, with our rege thrown in. love to his wife and their children. we were paging through the "new york post." >> as we are want to do. >> occasionally you'll see a story about dating that catches
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our eye. there was a guy who was trying to keep track of all the girls he was dating. i guess he was dagt dating 20. >> i think there were eight. >> he couldn't keep track of them all. their names, whatever. so he made a spread sheet, a computer spread sheet. >> i hate that word. >> i know. it's nasty. had he all the girls photos and only their first names. then he listed traits about them in case he forgot. >> attributes. yeah. >> he wrote looks very pretty. limited overall profile. very pretty, sweet, down to earth. stood me up. said that she was in the hospital with a friend. >> she's the only smart one. >> might revisit, he says. i mean first of all -- >> she's the only one with brains. stood him up! >> when you're dating -- and he also gives an online appearance score and then the real thing, 9.0, 7.5. i mean -- >> what does he look like? >> i don't know. i don't know. >> it's not really too much
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different from the guys who used to keep their little black books. they'd travel a lot, they'd have different women, a sailor has a girl in every port kind of thing. >> how many people you dating that you don't even know who they are -- at all? you have to have a spread sheet to remember. >> don't say spread sheet! >> worksheet! >> remember the george clooney movie "up in the air," that's a reality for so many people. their business is all over the place. >> you can't remember their name? >> i can, hoda. i've been married for 26 years! i think his name is frank. frank newton gifford, that's exactly right. but i can't imagine even dating in today's world. >> no, no. >> it's changed so much since the 1800s when frank and i met. >> it's hard. plus people can find out so much about the person before meeting them. you already have a preconceived notion before they walk in the
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door of what they're about. and you really don't get to know anybody anymore. >> or you think you do but you don't know at all. you may know more facts about a person but you don't know them at all. >> it is easy to prejudge someone. because if i know too much about someone before i meet them, you miss this whole thing. you miss that whole point. >> the magic of just actually meeting. also, you set yourself up for either being disappointed because they're not what you thought they were -- >> i think you have to be set up by a friend who knows you well and who knows the other person. i think a person who knows you well is a good way to meet someone. >> i'd set you up with somebody and sparks flew -- before jay. right? >> yes. this is awkward. >> you didn't know jay. you had a life before him. not much of one before you met me, but a big -- you know, a little life before him. >> no. but you're right, i did have a spark. >> but i knew you and i knew this person and i went, oh, my
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gosh, they would be dynamite together. >> getting more awkward. >> wish i could tell you more. >> anyway, we always love to find a crazy viral video that captures our attention. there happens to be one of a 3-year-old who gives what we're describing as an oscar worthy performance. little child was asked to clean up basically to move a tiny -- >> bring her bowl to the sink. clear the table. yes. >> let's see what happened. >> no! >> come back and try again. you're almost to the sink. >> i can't do it. i can't do it. >> that looks like it's very heavy. i think you can do it though, kirstin. i think you can lift it up to the sink and help clear the table. >> i'm not big enough. >> i think can you do it. hammy couldn't do it but you could do it. >> let's go.
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put it in the sink. >> i can't do it. >> you did it. >> that is priceless. >> oh, my god. >> that is priceless. she is already an actress. just put her in acting school right now. >> that is genius. that was brilliant. >> it reminded me of some of the things when i was little because my name at home was sara heartburn. instead of sara bernstein. it was all the drama. it had to be bigger than life. so glad i've calmed down. but the thing is this child is going to be this child for the rest of her life and she learns to -- that father was fantastic! >> he really was. >> that father handled things calm, perfectly. >> it's like he'd seen it before. >> teaching her a great lesson but all the psychological skills you wish you had as a father. good fathers don't get enough credit.
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>> he videotaped it before so he's seen this before. he wanted to document it for the rest of us. >> show that at her wedding. that's the kind you show. >> would you like to hear a little music. >> i would except -- >> let's do the music first. we have plenty of time. >> all right. do the music first, hoda. >> it's country. you'll like it. listen. it's a song by tim mcgraw. >> i love it already. >> you'll love the words. has a nice rhythm. >> does it get to it kind of quickly? >> it gets to it kind of quickly. ♪ ♪ it was labor day week and i was 17 ♪ ♪ i bought a coke and some gasoline ♪ ♪ and i drove out to the county fair ♪ >> of course you did. ♪ i saw her for the first time, she was stand thing in the ticket line ♪ ♪ it all started right then and there ♪
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♪ it was a perfect sunset and it's a day i'll never forget ♪ ♪ >> come on. tim mcgraw. that is a great, great, great song. something like that. >> okay. i'm sure the entire song is just as good. >> talk about this. all right. i've been hearing about this performance since several months now. it is the buzz of all of broadway. everybody says unless you see this performance, this year, you're going to miss out on something. well, yesterday you couldn't go because you had a very important speech to give. and so i went to see an actress named tracy bennett in "end of the rainbow."
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she plays judy garland a couple months before judy garland died of a drug overdose. it is -- you can't even believe the performance this woman gives. i had in idea until i met her afterwards. there she is backstage. >> pretty. >> she's an english woman. she's from northern england and what she does as garland on the stage is -- >> i want to see it. >> -- unbelievable! i leaned over -- david friedman and i just said give her the tony now. it's an absolute tour de force. and so heartbreaking because before of the genius that was this woman's talent but you think about the fact that she'd been given drugs since she was a small young girl all the way up -- just so she could get in front of the cameras. of course she would end up the way she ended up. so you go to -- i've made a couple of predictions this year. i do want to change one of mine. i think now it is between "once for" for best musical. "once" can't be best musical. we'll explain it when it gets
2:16 am
closer. i went to this great event, beth israel medical center. they had a great luncheon for breast cancer survivors. i want to give a big thank you to everybody there. okay or not okay? >> is it okay to put your lover in your music video? kathie lee says it seems a bit voyeuristic but it probably boosts sales so who am i to judge, judy? >> right. hoda said sure it's okay. everything is okay with you. even if you do break up, who watches music videos anymore? when are they even on? >> okay? >> britney didn't write that one. you wrote that one. >> when are they on? >> respect they still on mtv? >> they're on occasionally. we got a big show today, eva longoria is in the house and she, believe it or not, ready for love.
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actress eva longoria is probably best known for her role as gabby solize which is on "december pras housewives" wrapping up after eight seasons. >> but she's executive producer on a new project called "ready for love" right here on nbc. >> yea! >> i got to be honest, you look like a woman who's ready for love. >> i even wore the leather dress today. >> you came to play. >> last time i saw you was also at kim and kris' wedding. >> oh, yes. >> everybody's looking for love and it doesn't always end up the way we want it to. >> why is this show unique? there are a lot of dating shows out there. what makes this one different? >> it's funny because there's not a lot of dating shows out there. that genre is not saturated like the music competition show.
2:20 am
i thought there's nothing out there that reflects a contrary take on it. match makers, internet, social media, the way people are communicating in this global world today. >> did someone come to you with this idea -- >> i always wanted to create a relationship show because i'm in love with love. i'm a pisces, i'm a hopeless romantic. i thought it was always weird that those shows -- you don't know who you're going to meet. you don't know hot guy is until they're there. our show, we have three guys here today -- >> we're going to meet them next. >> hot. >> you're going to want to stay home for that. they're really cute. >> yes. so also the different thing about our shows, we have professional matchmakers who are actually going to find matchers for these three guys. >> so women who are interested go on facebook. >> and you can see the profiles of the guys and pictures. >> it takes place in three different houses, right? >> yes. >> okay, look, look, look -- stop talking. >> is one of these kids cody? >> wait. cody who? >> my son!
2:21 am
i thought that was cody walking -- yes. you keep your mitts off my son. >> i'm dating younger and younger. >> we heard you wouldn't talk about it. >> i'm happy. but no. it's funny because i interviewed hundreds -- hundreds of guys and these three have my stamp of approval. >> often at the end of these shows -- there are other shows on other networks but love doesn't happen. it looks like it does for a second, then it goes away. >> that's like life. >> this lasted for just the end of the tv show. >> the problem with i think a lot of the shows that are currently on is that failure rate but they're not authentically genuinely there for the right reasons or to be matched up. these guys are at a stage in their life, ready for love. the women know what they're going in on. it is not produced. >> how old? how old are these young men? >> in their 20s? >> ben's 31. >> you knew ben very quickly.
2:22 am
>> it's like 20ss to 30s. >> okay. >> so you're not going to get arrested? >> no. nobody's going to get arrested. >> so we're going to meet these eligible guys after the commercial. >> you can introduce us -- >> i'm going to introduce you guys. we're going to play a game. >> you're going to leave them with us? >> we're going to play a game. >> all together? >> so america can get to know them. le t' let's start with car insurance x. this one does save people a lot of money and it's very affordable. it was very delicious. could you please taste car insurance y? this one is much more expensive. ugh. it's really bad. let's see what you picked. oh, geico! over their competitor. you are a magician right? no., oh. you're not?, no., oh, well, give it a shot. i am so, so sorry. it was this close. bacon, egg and cheese,
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we're back with the beautiful and talented and very funny eva longoria talking about her new show, "ready for love," where three guys over there hope to find ms. right. >> we're here with those very three eligible men. >> they are ben, tim and ernesto. >> was it difficult to widdle
2:27 am
down the -- >> we had really like a top five or six guys and these -- when they walked in the room and i got to talk to them, i knew when they walked in that they would be our guys. >> guys, this is not for your careers or stuff. this is true, you are looking for real authentic lasting love. >> not fame. >> absolutely. we're taking a break from our careers for this. >> oh. oh. really? >> i mean it's not so rough. >> let's find the violin. >> let's play a game. eva, take us away. >> the game is who said. i'm going to say a statement that one of them has said and they're each going to repeat the statement. you have to figure out who said it. >> we've got it. >> who said -- i'm a late bloomer and didn't have my first kiss until i was 16. >> i'm a late bloomer around didn't have my first kiss until i was 16. >> i'm a late bloomer. didn't have my first kiss until i was 16. >> i'm a late bloomer and i didn't have my first kiss until i was 16.
2:28 am
>> he's latin so -- he's latin. >> he's latin. >> i know who it is. >> show your thing. >> she says ben. i say tim. >> i think it's tim, too. who is it? >> who said i'm more conservative than i look? >> i'm more conservative than i look. >> i'm more conservative than i look. >> i'm more conservative than i look. >> i know exactly who it is. >> you were wrong the last time. >> exactly. ready? ernesto! >> tim. >> who said this? yes! >> okay. who said -- i'm guessing right now. it's tim.
2:29 am
>> who said i was nearly fired from my first job for being unwilling to dress as a large sandwich? >> tim. >> i was nearly fired from my first job for being unwilling to dress as a large sandwich. that sound about right? >> what was the sandwich? >> okay. so i'm just -- i'm kind of blaming this one. >> i appreciate it. because i took out the line. >> we were right, it's tim. >> it is me. when i was like 13 and 14 i worked at subway and my boss really wanted me to dress as a huge sandwich and lure customers in. >> a six-footer. >> yeah. i'm not doing this. >> can't beat one of those, i hear. all righty. so are you guys having fun? you've already -- >> is there more? >> no, that was it. this is it. no, but let's talk to the guys. >> have any of you been married before? >> i've been married before. >> do you have kids?
2:30 am
>> no kids. but i married my high school sweetheart and -- >> you're a romantic. >> i am. and i loved being married. >> how did they find you guys? >> years ago i think my brother had sent in some thing but i was living overseas in dubai at the time. didn't work out. moved back here last year -- >> i called you. >> yeah. >> hoda has a sister that lives in dubai. >> we'll talk about that. >> if things don't work out on this. >> it's going to work out! >> thank you for coming. >> eva, you are so funny. all the best. >> we bring out the naughty in here. thanks, guys. we'll be bk af
2:31 am
2:32 am
it's thirst day thursday. we're here with today's "ambush makeovers." we plucked two lucky ladies from the plaza and gave them a grand new look. >> our resident makeover team is
2:33 am
here to show us what they have done. "today" contributor and stylist to the stars -- louis licari la-la-la-la-la. >> oh, all right. >> woe, lack of enthusiasm. and "today" and "us weekly" contributor, jill martin. sorry, those guys threw us off. those three men. >> they were hot. how was it outside today? >> it was great. we found six women all turning 50. what a better time to get a makeover, right? >> they're all friends. >> best buds. they went to -- from middle school, they've been together. >> wow! cool. our first lucky lady, paula jordan, 50 years old, an economics professor from clear water, florida. here with a group of girlfriends. all celebrating the big 50. she describes her style as simple, outdoorsy and low maintenance. beauty routine consists of a ponytail and shower. >> happy 50th, everybody! >> they were here very early for this. first victim is paula. why does she deserve this?
2:34 am
>> she is a professor. she's a teacher and she's always helping everybody else and she just deserves to be pampered a little. >> well we're going to make you the hottest teacher in the country. >> yeah! >> but turn around for one second because we are going to get rid of this scrunchy. the '80s called and they want their scrunchy back. are you ready to go? >> yes, i'm ready! i'll take that scrunchy. >> we love them. >> she's here with the group right here. here is paula jordan before. all right, let's see the new paula. >> oh, my gosh! >> you guys are going to freak. take off your blind folds. soz, my gosh! >> paula, are you ready? >> yes. >> turn around, sweetie. >> i thought it was eva longoria. >> wow. wow. wow! >> louis, tell us about the
2:35 am
hair. >> this is the classic long layered haircut. all done by vanessa. her highlights were just way too light for her brown hair. i made it much more natural, much more subtle and that's a soft -- notice a bright lip color which is big trend for summer. >> it does look hot. >> we wanted to give her a little leather and lace, a little lace. >> very great. what do you guys think? are you freaking? >> amazing! woo! >> paula, you love it? >> oh, my god. yes. >> paula, you're going to go join your friends but you're going to have to face the wall. >> put your blind folds back on. >> our second lady is tracy wetmore from portland, oregon. she is an office staff supervisor. been married for nearly 30 years and has three children. she never dresses up and her
2:36 am
daughters have begged her for years to change her hair style. ladies, you mind for just a moment? thank you. tracy got her first manicure yesterday! ever! let's listen to her story. >> happy 50th again, everybody! >> okay. now it's tracy's turn. paula, why does she deserve this? >> tracy deserves a makeover because she is a mother of three and her daughter is 28 today. amazing. >> two birthdays. so i guess you're ready to be pampered for three hours? >> oh, yeah. i'm so ready. yes! >> that sounded really good. are you ready to go? >> yes, yes, yes, yes. >> all right. everybody's hidden from view. one last look at tracy before. bring the new tracy out. >> oh, wow! >> another great one. where you going, hon? >> right here.
2:37 am
>> all right, ladies, turn around and see tracy. >> i want to see! >> oh, my gosh. and it is so sassy. >> you want to see paula? >> paula! >> stand right here, sweetie. you look great. >> wow, the estrogen in here! >> the cool factor here is amazing. you look so just hot. this is a soft shag by vanessa. >> i love it. >> the warm hair which always work is on her pale complexion and the bright lips which is the trend for summer. remember, pink and orange, color to go. >> another let's party dress. because they're going on. this is by andrew mark. the big thing was walking in heels.
2:38 am
>> let's see your manicure. >> nice. you got a french, too. let's bring paula out here. big round of applause. >> they're all crying. they love each other. coming up next, you guys, zac efron is downstairs along with taylor shilling. we'll talk to them right after this. c'mon dad!
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author nicholas sparks has mastered the art of romance novels. his seventh one is called "the lucky one" adapted into a major hollywood film and it is a steamy romantic story about fate and destiny. >> yes! zac efron played a tough contender u.s. marine who returns home safely from iraq, and taylor shilling plays zach's good luck charm but she doesn't know it. >> hi, kids. you made this film like a year ago in new orleans? >> yes. >> you're just seeing each other
2:43 am
again after all of that time? >> we see each other every once in a while. >> we haven't been completely out of touch. >> i wouldn't think so after the steamy scenes we saw. i would want to keep in touch. >> there is a lot of chemistry between you two. >> it is not a disney movie. >> i know. >> no, it's not. >> that was on purpose for you, right, zac? it's time to find more mature roles and leave the disney image in the -- you have to. >> it is. without a doubt. it's sort of been in a transition the last couple of years and this was just a fantastic role. i got to play a marine. he's very much a hero. yeah. i was a lot more grown-up. >> you had to buff up for this role? >> i did. physically there was a lot to do in this movie. >> and cut those gorgeous locks. break a lot of hearts. this had to be one of the most appealing roles for young actresses in hollywood. i'm sure everybody was trying to get this role. you're the love interest. how -- who did you sleep with in order to get job? just kidding.
2:44 am
>> just kidding. it was pretty traditional actually. i auditioned for it a couple times. we did a screen test. >> we knew she was best. she didn't screen test against anyone. >> i didn't know that. they didn't tell me. i thought there were like people lined up after that day. >> no. >> apparently there weren't. >> they're just messing with her. >> blythe danner said when she saw you on "mercy," she said "i want to work with her. that must be great having a legend saying that. >> that blows my mind. i think she's one of the most generous, lovely -- i've looked up to her for so long. >> she was amazing to work with. >> she's a real human being. she's a great actress but first and foremost she brings that human being to the set. >> absolutely. >> is it a difficult transition -- because you do want to move into other roles. is it hard when people see you a
2:45 am
certain way and suddenly you've got to step into being more serious, more grown up and they're used to seeing you as a heartthrob? >> really, it's up to you. i made it difficult because i knew that i wanted to do this for the long term and to have a long career and play a multitude of different roles. and that is the harder route to choose right there. it can be very easy to kind of cash in after "high school musical." but this role was different, unexpected and it was a challenge. i took a step back and waited for something like this. >> 235i6 favorite actor whose career you would emulate if anyone you could. >> man, i think leo has done a great job. he started with titanic. very big. i remember seeing his poster on the walls of -- >> that's a good one. >> now he's one of my favorite actors. >> taylor? >> i don't know about the career -- i'm really into jessica lang right now. >> good choice. we wish you all the best. comes out tomorrow? >> yeah. check it out.
2:46 am
thank you, guys. up next, little ways you can save our planet. we'll play a little game for earth week right after this. good morning. i'm meteorologist chris warren with your weather channel forecast. we have that chance for some storms from texas, mainly east texas and north central texas, up into the great lakes area. possibly some snow throughout parts of wisconsin and the upper peninsula. also going to see a chance for storms, the florida peninsula there. not as much as the pan handle and the northeast starting to see some rain in the inland locations. still, another mild day for you in new york. not looking too bad for you at all. lower 70s in new york and in boston. we're going to see mid 70s in d.c. louisville in the upper 70s, close to 80. so looking warm in some areas. here's a look at what is going to change that.
2:47 am
a cold front moves through with rain associated with it on saturday. some storms possible throughout the northeast and afterwards, here you go. you can see this cool air moving in. chicago to minneapolis, highs only into the 50s. saturday, while it's going to be wet, you're still going to have temperatures in the 70s in the northeast. that changes, though, by sunday. look at this. down quite a bit, almost 20 degrees from saturday to sunday. a bit of a break for much of the country except the top corner. the pacific northwest and the northeast mid-atlantic. you'll have a chance for rain on monday. tuesday, we'll stir going to see that chance for rain. 50s in the northeast and warming back up in the south with 70s and 80s. still a few lingering showers around the great lakes and northeast. it's still warm in the south as well for your wednesday. so as we get through time here we're going to see things dry back out for the south. remember, weekdays on the
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come and get it! now on "today goes green," we're playing an earth week game. >> in recognition of the week leading up to earth day, this sunday diet contributor is here to show us ways to protect our planet. >> it's time to save the earth. let's jump into water. is this statement true or false -- bottled water is safer than tap water. >> no. it's not safer than tap water. >> that statement is false. that's correct. because it is not regulated. actually tap water is regulated so you get a point. >> just making sure mine's working. okay, i'm ready. >> it's important to recycle but which one of these items cannot be recycled? >> where are we looking?
2:51 am
>> a tub of margarine, a juice box -- >> wait. you have to wait. >> or a soup can. kathie lee, you buzzed in first. please, since i can see them. >> you don't need to beg, hoda. >> you buzzed first. >> the styrofoam cup. >> you would be correct. styrofoam is not recyclable. it stakes a huge amount of energy to get it out of the recycling. >> natural window cleaners. when you mix one of these with water which one is the best cleanser. lemon juice and salt, vinegar or baking soda. >> vinegar! >> i did! >> you buzzed in first. vinegar and water is a good window cleaner. now we're going to be saving energy. you heard about these compact fluorescent bulbs. cfls. how many regular bulbs would you need for the same light as one of these bulbs? is it six, nine or 12 bulbs?
2:52 am
>> 12. >> it's 12. >> you're not waiting for -- you said wait so i'm waiting. you know what? >> you're playing by the rules? >> this game thing's not working for me anymore. >> this one has to do with food. >> let's just set the stage. it's tied, 2-2. in the tiebreaker for the prize. >> to lower your carbon footprint with food, which of these vegetable proteins -- you can do this -- is the most complete nutritional equivalent to meat? which is just like meat. tofu, nuts, is it whole wheat couscous or if -- >> it's tofu. >> yes, it is. and you are the winner. >> i thought toe jam was -- no, just kidding. >> but this wonderful prize that jerry is bringing. >> i always win the ones i don't like. >> a recyclable tote.
2:53 am
>> cauliflower for you. guys, next -- >> thank you. >> a performance by train. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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>> announcer: the "toyota concert series" on "today" brought to you by -- toyota. the san francisco-based rock band train has been making hits since the late '90s and they show no signs of slowing down. >> we're going to sign off for the day with them, they'll perform a medley of "soul sisters" and "marry me." have an awesome thirst day thursday, everybody. >> see you tomorrow! ♪ ever could never be long enough for you ♪ ♪ to feel like i've had long enough with you ♪ ♪ but you were right and i'll wear out the words i love you and you're beautiful ♪ ♪ that the wait is over and love has finally shown her my way ♪
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♪ marry me ♪ today and every day ♪ marry me if i ever get the nerve to say hello in this cafe ♪ ♪ say you will ♪ say you will marry me ♪ hey hey hey your lipstick stains on the front lobe of my left side brains ♪
2:58 am
♪ i knew i wouldn't forget you and so i went and let you blow my mind your sweet moonbeam ♪ ♪ the smell of you in every single dream i dream ♪ ♪ i knew when we collided you're the one i have decided who's one of my kind ♪ ♪ hey soul sister ain't that mister mister on the radio, stereo ♪ ♪ the way you move ain't fair you know ♪ ♪ hey soul sister, i don't wanna miss a single thing you do tonight ♪
2:59 am
♪ you're the only one i'm dreaming of ♪ ♪ i want the world to see you with me ♪ ♪ hey soul sister ain't that mister mister on the radio, stereo ♪ ♪ the way you move ain't fair you know ♪ ♪ hey soul sister i don't wanna miss a single thing you do tonight ♪ ♪ hey soul sister i don't wanna miss a single thing you do tonight ♪ ♪ hey hey hey tonight hey hey hey tonight ♪


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